Terms and Conditions for International Flight Reservations

CAAC regulations on the safe transport of lithium batteries by air

According to Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and Standards for Transport of Lithium Batteries by Air issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), kindly reminds you of the following information:

  1. Please inform the ground support personnel if you are carrying lithium batteries within your luggage.
  2. Devices containing lithium batteries (e.g. watches, calculators, cameras, cell phones and laptops) and spare lithium batteries for personal use may be carried in carry-on baggage.
  3. Lithium batteries contained in devices or spare lithium batteries may be transported by air on condition that the following requirements are met:
    1. Lithium content of lithium metal batteries must not exceed 2 g.
    2. Watt-hour rating of lithium ion batteries must not exceed 100 Wh.
    Note: Lithium ion batteries with a watt-hour rating of more than 100 Wh but not exceeding 160 Wh may be transported by air only with the approval of the airline.
  4. Permitted number of spare lithium batteries
    1. For batteries with a lithium content not exceeding 2 g or a watt-hour rating not exceeding 100 Wh, a reasonable number of spare batteries may be carried by the passenger to power the device for the duration of his or her itinerary. A maximum of two spare batteries is allowed by the airline.
    2. For spare batteries with a watt-hour rating exceeding 100 Wh but not more than 160 Wh, each passenger may carry a maximum of two batteries but only with the approval of the airline.
  5. Safe transportation of lithium batteries
    1. Spare batteries must be individually protected in order to prevent short circuits and may be stored in the original retail packaging or by insulating terminals (e.g. taping exposed terminals or placing each battery in a separate plastic bag or a protective pouch).
    2. Appropriate measures shall be taken to prevent batteries from being crushed or punctured and to protect batteries against high pressure which may lead to short circuits and overheating.
    3. Devices containing lithium batteries must be protected against accidental restart.

Flight booking

1. Flights

All flights matching your search criteria are listed. will contact you if there are any scheduling changes or other issues concerning your reservation.

2. Price

The domestic ticket price consists of three parts: flight fare, tax and fuel fee. International flight ticket prices include an additional airport construction fee.

The price displayed online may not be completely accurate at the time of booking due to real-time changes made by individual airlines concerning classes, validities, rules, refunds and endorsements. Because tax is based on fluctuating exchange rates, the price displayed on is a rounded best estimate. Precise tax is determined by the exchange rate on the date of issue. Airlines pay a fuel fee that is determined by fluctuating oil and fuel prices and the fuel fee therefore varies depending on routes and the current price of oil.

The China Airport Construction Fee currently amounts to CNY 90 for international flights, as determined by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). It is individually collected for flights departing to international destinations including Hong Kong and Macao. The following types of passenger do not have to pay the China Airport Construction Fee: 1) diplomatic passport holders on flights departing Mainland China, 2) infants and children 12 and under.

3. Name and identification

All passengers are required to present valid personal identification upon request. If you fail to board a flight because the name on your personal ID or passport is different from the name in your reservation, cannot be held responsible for any additional costs.

4. Passenger profiles

Our system will offer corresponding ticket fare options if you choose one of the above types. Even if you are a Chinese student, new emigrant/immigrant, worker or child, you can order regular passenger tickets as long as you accept the price.

5. Infant tickets

Infant tickets are available for infants 14 days to two years of age. Orders for infant tickets cannot currently be submitted online. Please call 400 828 8966 (within Mainland China) or (86 21) 3210 4669 (overseas) to make inquires or order an infant ticket.

6. Pregnant women

Pregnant women are usually required to get permission from the airline by presenting diagnosis certificates from their physician to board.

7. Passengers with serious medical conditions

The following groups should avoid flying or are forbidden to fly:

8. Severely mentally ill passengers

Epileptics and patients of other forms of serious mental disorders are generally not allowed to fly. If there are special circumstances, please only fly after achieving control over major symptoms and consulting with your physician.

9. Contact information

Please make sure that your contact information is correct and keep at least one line of communication open at all times. In the case of an unsuccessful reservation attempt, will call the designated contact person as soon as possible. will cancel your reservation if unable to reach the contact person listed on the reservation form.

10. Double booking

If you book two or more flights on the same date to the same destination this is a double booking. In the case of double booking, the person who submits the order may be held responsible for any costs incurred.

11. Changing and canceling bookings

12. Restrictions on booking one-way flight tickets

Only holders of long-term Student Visas, Emigrant/Immigrant Visas and long-term Work Visas (over one year) may book one-way tickets. Other short-time visa holders on business or travel are required to book round-trip tickets or check-in and exit formalities will not be processed due to restrictions from the destination country. Please check relevant information before booking one-way tickets. provides the most up-to-date and accurate ticketing information that it can on but cannot be held liable for any changes or cancellations of scheduled flights. Passengers should contact the responsible airline directly for further information regarding changes and cancellations.

Reservation Confirmation and Issuing Tickets

  1. Confirmation: We offer two confirmation methods: email and text message (optional). will contact you via email and/or text message (as specified by the customer) to confirm any changes regarding flights, prices and delivery. If is unable to contact a customer via the designated contact person due to unanswered calls, busy lines, lack of mobile coverage, incorrect contact information or any other communication-network problem, cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred if the reservation cannot be confirmed, ticketed or canceled.
  2. Changes and refunds: Only reservations for which tickets have not yet been issued or pending reservations are refundable online. To change or cancel a reservation in process or after confirmation, please call Customer Service.
  3. Service agents: Ticketing and delivery are provided by certified and qualified local ticketing offices. If you would like details regarding ticketing offices, please call customer service at 400 828 8966 (within Mainland China) or (86 21) 3210 4669.

Hours of Operation

  1. Ordering time: 24 hours.
  2. Call-in/out service: 7:00-23:00 (Beijing Time). Hotline: 400 828 8966 (Mainland China), (86 21) 3210 4669 (Other locations)


In the case of any dispute relating to flight ticket reservations, the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, as administered by the Shanghai Changning District People’s Court, will apply.